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From early on in the birth of the Hub City Soap Co. I was asked to test various batches of product that were made as test runs. I was impressed to say the least. It is not easy being a newcomer to the wet shaving space but David has not only stepped up to the challenge but his product has already exceeded my expectations as a new artisan. Using the various samples he has provided I got excellent results from all. From what I have experienced so far I can say without a doubt that we are in for something very good when Hub City goes live with their first release.

Steven M.

I was thrilled to test out Hub City's soap bases during each development phase. From Version 1 through Version 7, David made great adjustments to his formula based on his tester's feedback. With each version I tried, the shaves got better and better. It was clear to me that Hub City is bringing something special to the Wet Shaving soap market.  

Hub City soaps are easy to load into your brush of choice, and lathers without any trouble. Excellent density, cushion and glide, Hub City's lather provides all the slickness and protection you need to enjoy a fantastic shave. Its nourishing ingredients left my face feeling great throughout the day, and the fragrances are delicious! Great job Hub City...keep it coming!

David S.

After testing Hub City Soap Company's soaps, I must say I am very excited to see where David Lopez-Cepero takes his new company! His soaps are top notch and I feel can compete with the big boys with ease! Testing of his soaps were quite impressive. The soaps had performance that you would expect from seasoned veterans! They lathered with ease, had tons of cushion, very slick and left your face feeling great. A couple of really nice scents as well! I will have to say the test soap that had pig tallow had to be my favorite!! I am really looking forward to the official releases and cannot wait!! Great job Hub City!!!

Lee P.

From the beginning I knew David was onto something good. I was extremely impressed through all testing. The soap lathers easily, this is really good for those starting out and for those who are experienced. It will deliver a rich lather that provides tons of cushion, slickness, and post shave feel. David is starting out with a bang and I look forward to more from Hub City Soaps!

Matt L.

Just a note to let you know I have used your soap yesterday and today with my straight razor, one word...Exceptional!!!

Judd S.

Hub City is the real deal, from the moment you open the lid, you know you're in for a treat. The scents are just the right strength and continue to capture you throughout the shave. After you load the brush (30 seconds is plenty), you start to build a consistent wonderful lather. Slickness, cushion and glide enhance an extremely comfortable shave, that makes one want to keep adding passes. However it's not necessary, because your face will be smooth and have a post-shave feel that you'll enjoy for hours. This soap is top shelf and should be in everyone's den."

Mike P.


Hub City Soap Company is a family-owned small business run by hobbyist soapmaker, David Lopez-Cepero and his wife, Molly. We have two boys, Liam and Declan, and they keep us very busy. We moved to Lubbock, TX in 2016 and couldn’t be happier with how the Lubbock community embraced us. We decided to call our company Hub City Soap Company after we realized that Lubbock is now our long-term home, something we are proud to say.

After having been involved in the Wet Shaving community, I realized that I wanted to create something others could enjoy (as well as myself) while giving myself a creative outlet. This community has a fantastic camaraderie and my desire is to add to it by offering products that people enjoy using with great skin-loving properties. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of support I have received from the community in the formation of Hub City Soap Company and I look forward to seeing what the future brings!

Happy Shaves!